• Image of Time Traveler Tap Tempo BPM Sync Pedal
  • Image of Time Traveler Tap Tempo BPM Sync Pedal
  • Image of Time Traveler Tap Tempo BPM Sync Pedal
  • Image of Time Traveler Tap Tempo BPM Sync Pedal


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Although we love simplicity, we also love versatility. The Time Traveler is our solution to timing for the time-based effect enthusiast. We know that delay, tremolo and other time-based effects are rarely perfect, but they can be.

This simple loop pedal allows any pedal that accepts external tap tempo to be synced with an exact BPM stored in 1 to 10 quickly editable presets. Presetting the tempos can be done in less than 30 seconds for a 10 song set.

Recalling the preset is as simple as stepping on a footswitch to bank up to the next song. The top left corner shows the song number (number of songs can be set between 1 and 10 songs in advance settings) and the large display in the middle shows the BPM. This is the midi sync rhythm pedal.

There is also a tap-tempo available at all times for on-the-fly changes so you are always in control. If timing really is everything, make sure you keep yours.

- Stores 10 presets via foot-switch
- Sends out same momentary (normal open) signal as most tap set pedals (Boss 5S-5U).
- Set BPM with knob or built in tap footswitch. Tap BPM knob to save.
- Works with standard center negative 9VDC adapter (same as Boss)
- 3 outputs (1/4" TS or TRS jack)

ADVANCED FUNCTION can be accessed by holding down the BPM knob for 4 seconds and then releasing.
You can now scroll to select which ADVANCED FUNCTION you would like to change.

ADV 1 (1-10): This options allows you to select the number of presets you would like to use between 1 and 10. Default is (10).
ADV 2 (1-15): This option allows you to change the brightness on your display. Default is (15) or full bright.
ADV 3 (.25): This option allows you to change the amount of time before the tap signal is sent out of the Time Traveler after you have switched presets or changed the BPM. The default is .25 (1/4 of a second).
ADV 4 (0-1): This option allows you to turn subdivisions on or off. If you select "1" then subdivisions are active on all channels and will be selectable when saving presets. If "0" is selected then subdivisions are turned off and all BPMs will default to 1/4 notes. **** NOTE: When subdivisions are turned on, saving a preset requires pressing the BPM knob once and then scrolling to select either 1-4 (quarter note), 1-8 (eighth note), 1-8. (dotted eighth note), and 444 (triplet quarter note). Once a subdivision is saved to a preset a "." will be displayed next to the preset number to indicate that it has an output other than quarter note. To see what subdivision is saved to your current preset, press the BPM knob and the display will show the subdivision. If you press the BPM a second time, the Time Traveler will resend the BPM. (0) or off, is default.
ADV 5 (4): This number is the amount of times the Time Traveler will output the tap signal. (4) is default.

Warranty Info:
We build our products to last. If you have an issue, due to defects in materials or workmanship, contact us and we will always do our best to resolve the issue quickly. Please make sure to read through the FAQ page to answer any questions you may have about the Time Traveler.